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Narendra Bhandari

Sr. Accountant

It’s been 20 years working with JPPL. I have myself grown along with development of the company. It’s a privilege to work with Sushil sir who has always kept a positive attitude towards our holistic development and situational crisis. The management had always been helpful. Company keeps organizing multiple activities for our engagement and learning. JPPL is also a fast growth making company.

Priyanka Patel

Purchase Executive

It’s been a huge opportunity working with Jindal group for last 4 years. I became pregnant during the course but was hugely supported by the company in terms of 6 months leave and then I was also able to rejoin hassle-free. I used to get a time-off every day during office hours to attend my child’s needs. The company also paid salary in full including Diwali bonus during the Lockdown period. The management organizes various learning and training sessions for us. Sir also gave us the opportunity to join coaching classes and training institutes for self-development. He also paid for my enrollment in a driving school academy for a 1-month course so that I could learn to drive car. He has always supported us and even encouraged us to take risks so that we learn by right experiences.

Pratik Jain

Collection Head

I am working as a Collection Head at Jindal Polyweaves Pvt. Ltd. It has been a great experience for me since joining. My mentor, Sushil sir, has always helped me in self-development, behavior and ethics in my work. The office atmosphere is so good. Everyone in our company helps each other in every difficult situation.We pray daily and speak our mission that is - We work as a team to supply quality products and to provide best customer services. Later we have to share something about our personal life, due to which our confidence in giving speech has built. Any festival is celebrated here with a great pomp and our sir also supports us.We celebrate the birthday of all of them in the office with Sir in such a way that feels awesome. We live like a family in our company. If anyone has any personal problem, first of all our sir stands with us, which I have experienced myself personally.My wife was admitted in the hospital, for an appendix operation. No saving was left with me so I called my Sir and shared the situation with them.Within 15 minutes I had the price needed for the operation. Is it any less than family?And when I was suffering with covid-19, at that time our Sir also had covid-19 and was admitted to the hospital, but even after being in the hospital, he would ask me by messaging about my health and our babuji (Sir’s father)had called me every morning and evening to ask about my health. I have not seen in any other company ever in my life, where the owner himself keeps every single person in personal touch and takes care of them and their family. I would like to thank Sushil sir who saw the talent in me and gave me a chance to work with Jindal group. As well Yogit Sir, who tells us the way to get out of the typical situation and our Ayushi Ma’am who taught me how to work on a target basis, which I had never done in my life before. And many more to say but don’t have the words to explain it. Lastly just want to say that Jindal Polyweaves pvt. Ltd. is the best ever company I had worked for.

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