Founded in year 2003 by textile entrepreneur Mr. Sushil Jindal of Surat, Gujarat, India, Jindal Polyweaves Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of polyester, warp knit andraschel greige fabric. We also diversified into polyester film trading business in year 2008 and lateron extended business vertically by establishing digital printing house in the year 2018. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Jindal Polyweaves has built well-established reputation through continuous innovation, timely commitment, wide range of qualities and fair pricing mechanism. This, combined with motivated staff at Jindals has brought new and old clients coming back year after year.


Our Belief

There is only ONE BOSS; the customer and he can fire anyone in the company; even the CHAIRMAN; just by spending his MONEY somewhere else.


Our Values

We carry certain values at Jindal J - Joyful I – Integrity N - Nation first D - Dedication A – Advancement L - Learning


Our Vision

To transform Jindal Polyweaves private limited into a public limited company by the year 2029 and to celebrate company’s annual function in Singapore by the same year.


Our Mission

We work as a team to supply quality products and to provide best customer service.

Our Team

Our Management Board

The company has adopted ethical business policies, which makes it an ideal choice all over the world. Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field.

Mr. Sushil Jindal

Managing Director

Synonymous with class and trust, Mr. Sushil Jindal is a renowned entrepreneur in the textile industry. He started the company by setting up texturizing units and prior to that, he worked as a yarn agent. A firm believer in the ‘Dream. Create. Inspire.’ philosophy, he has left no stones unturned to think, produce and provide the best to the market. He has a keen sense of market investigation, trends mapping and implementation of latest technology and systems to improve the existing product and innovate at every step. From incorporating leading edge machinery, to hiring skilled and adaptive team, he has made sure of not compromising on anything at any cost. Empowering the team that empowers the company is of utmost significance to him. His stern practice and belief of growing along with seeking growth for others in or outside the field has made him stand tall today.

Mr. Ramesh Jindal


Mr. Ramesh Jindal heads the business of polyester films dealership which commenced in year 2009 and has no looking back since then. Prior to films trading business he was involved in yarn dealership in Surat which showcased highest sales in the city at that time. He has a vision to maximize the reach of business and achieve safety and excellence for his team and company. The company is bestowed with his remarkable life experience of over 50 years.

Mr. Yogit Jindal


Mr. Yogit Jindal is a Chartered Accountant and elder son of Mr. Sushil Jindal. He did his schooling from Cambridge international board and has received his vision to become a business tycoon from his father itself. Designated as Chief executive officer of the company, he had joined company in December 2018. He is heading entire weaving setup of the company andpost his advent, company has seena remarkable reinforcement in production methodology and processes which has led to ever increasing output then before. His uncommon intellect and a logical thought process have maximized results in varied departments and led to systemized implementation of structures in the organization. Now he is working towards achieving excellence in operations of manufacturing sites, technology, quality control, dispatch and reliability.

Miss. Kratika Pathak


Miss. Kratika Pathak has been on the sales team with Jindal Polyweaves for 6 years. Her responsible approach towards company and dynamic marketing style has led her to designation of general manager in the company. Her well-equipped research methodologies and ability to satisfy and build relationships with clients has led to retaining a giant and a true-blue clientele for the company.